PMI Silver Spring Chapter


PMISSC Mission, Vision, Objectives, Value Statement

Mission: PMISSC is a family of project managers dedicated to positively impacting your career and our community.

Vision:  Every PMISSC member has a job or business that they love. PMISSC is known as a chapter that delights its members, volunteers and partners.

Values:  Authentic communication, Member Focused, Knowledgeable, Competent


  1. Provide Education – Host the monthly chapter meetings and an annual symposium with dynamic, relevant speakers.  Additionally, we will revamp our training offerings and ensure that they are effectively marketed.
  2. Grow Chapter Resources (Human and Financial) – Employ strategies that increase the number of our chapter members through outreach and marketing efforts.
  3. Practice Project Management Skills – Provide a safe place where you can develop yourself and others by practicing your project management skills as a PMISSC volunteer.
  4. Interact Effectively with Chapter Members and Other Stakeholders – Focus on transparency using the quarterly score card and expand the use of surveys to get chapter member/stakeholder feedback on a variety of issues.
  5. Support Career Growth – Provide mechanisms for assisting in job searches including networking opportunities. Have a Job/Need a Job updates at the Dinner Meetings and a Job Board on the PMISSC web site.
  6. Promote the Project Management Profession – Reach out to and partner with relevant individuals, academia, nonprofits, and professional organizations.  Ensure that the people in our community are aware of project management as a possible career path.