Presidents Message - August 2017



Put 'Em on Display

Well, we are three-quarters of the way through 2017 and chapter elections are here. This is your chance to put your leadership and project management skills on display. Imagine, you've worked with the chapter as a VP on the board and your chapter colleagues have been watching you.  They know you. They've seen you organize, plan, lead, solve problems, resolve conflict, give with your heart. They know just who to recommend for that dream job. They don't hesitate for a moment to put their own reputation on the line to refer you to their boss, their colleagues, their network. So, consider nominating yourself for one of the leadership positions at the chapter not just because you love the chapter, want to support your colleagues/community, and want a safe place to practice your skills, but because your participation on the board could be the springboard to your next dream job.  

You are in the right place. Chapter membership in the DMV has gone up significantly for all five chapters, including Silver Spring. PMI and the certifications it offers is being more and more valued by employers as evidenced by this surge in membership. So, consider putting your skills on display. Put 'em on display and open up a world of opportunities you didn't even know existed.

It has been my honor to be your president. I will always stay active with our chapter and support whomever takes the reins next. Stay tuned for a State of the Chapter overview in September detailing our accomplishments for 2017.

Warmest regards,

Kwema J. Ledbetter

Kwema J. Ledbetter, PMP, CISSP

PMI Silver Spring Chapter, Inc.


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