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Submit a Job Seeker Profile

Welcome to the PMI Silver Spring Chapter's online Job Seeker Board!

As a service to our Silver Spring Chapter members, the Job Seeker Board is an opportunity for you to share your resume with employers in our area that are hiring. Profiles are posted free of charge and will remain posted for 60 days. If you would like to extend your Profile posting, please contact

Posts are public and therefore moderated by volunteers, so please expect a small delay in the time it takes for your submission(s) to appear online. We require that you provide a phone number and email address so that we may contact you if needed. However, this information will not be posted on our Job Seeker Board. To ensure that potential employers can contact you, please make sure to include your preferred contact method in your uploaded resume or on your linked page(s).

You may upload your resume as a MS Word or PDF file or provide a link to your LinkedIn profile or an alternate online resume page. To maximize your chances of a successful job search, please make sure that all information on your resume and LinkedIn profile is up to date. In the About You section, you can provide a short "elevator speech" to introduce yourself and describe the types of positions to which you aspire. 

Additionally, the PMI Career Center provides a wealth of job seeker tools, including a resume builder. We encourage you to make use of this incredible resource to expand your job search opportunities. 

Questions or concerns, please email

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