2018 Symposium PDU Information

Thank you for attending the PMI Silver Spring Symposium. At the event, you received a PDU Passport handout in your bag which has been updated with new PDU ID numbers. These updated numbers, below, should be used to locate the session when submitting your PDUs. If you need assistance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Session Name | PDU ID

7 Steps for Successful EVM | C268-180627-SYM3S3

Build a Strategic framework to Capture and Retain Customers | C268-180627-SYM8K1

Business Value of Agile Organizations | C268-180627-SYM10S1

Cyber Security - Not just for the big boys and Girls | C268-180627-SYM1S4

CyberSecurity | C268-180627-SYM9S2

Embracing Agile Project Management | C268-180627-SYM9S1

First 15: Project Leadership in Crisis | C268-180627-SYM10S3

Know Thy self, Brand Thy self | C268-180627-SYM10S4

Managing Team Members with Servent Leadership - Workshop | C268-180627-SYM3S2

Managing Team Members with Servent Leadership | C268-180627-SYM1S3

Partnerships and Innovation - Workshop | C268-180627-SYM10S2

Partnerships and Innovation | C268-180627-SYM9S4

Professional Development for Millennials | C268-180627-SYM9S3

Project Management Gold: Realizing Value | C268-180627-SYM4K3

Qualities of a Great PM | C268-180627-SYM1S2

Risk Management Off the Shelf | C268-180627-SYM3S1

The Agile PMO | C268-180627-SYM3S4

The Disrupted PM: New skills for a fast Moving World | C268-180627-SYM1S1

The Leaders Journey; Cycling from Alaska to Argentina | C268-180627-SYM12K2

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