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Book Review Program - Available Books

The titles listed below are currently available in the PMISSC Book Review Library. Once all copies of a book have been assigned, the title will be removed.  If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve the book and coordinate delivery.  New titles are being added constantly, so keep checking back.  New arrivals will be added at the bottom, and the book titles will have New next to the title for a couple of weeks.

Title Description Copies
HCMBOK: The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge In today's constantly changing world, the project manager must have sensitivity to how people react to change. HCMBOK offers a simple and practical approach to managing change, which can be easily incorporated into the project management routine. 1
Realizing Strategy Through Projects The purpose of this book is to provide executives with a comprehensive overview of the discipline of project management. It focuses on the benefits of project management to an organization. 1
Creating a Greater Whole "Creating a Greater Whole" is a must read for all aspiring and experienced project managers and leaders. The author balances the emotional dimensions of leaders, their need for staying anchored, and the crucial command for mindfulness. The book unlocks the secrets of what aspiring managers need to become strong leaders. 1
Managing Project Competence This book describes how we as individuals, as well as organizations, can be efficient in the development and utilization of competence. It presents practical ways to acquire new knowledge and skills. Readers of this book are given new insight into the concept of competence. 1
A Holistic Approach to Lessons Learned This is a practical, readable book which can serve as a guide for business leaders looking to improve their results through a lesson-learning strategy. It offers an expanded approach to lesssons learned based on knowledge management methodologies which can lead to substantially reducing recurring mistakes and lessons repeatedly learned.  1
Managing Complex Construction Projects The problem with complex projects and programs is that many managers are only equipped with a knowledge of project management. A system for construction is a collection of many processes with a series of specific inputs and outputs. This book develops checklists based on the inputs and outputs that managers can use. 1
Project Management Lessons Learned "Project Management Lessons Learned" is intended for project managers, PMO professionals, and students of project management who wish to apply performance-based feedback to their process and project management improvements. The book emphasizes a robust risk management program which capitalizes on lessons learned. 1
Borderless Leadership "Borderless Leadership" should be studied, shared with colleagues, and blended into our corporate and personal lives. Its five-step model illustrates how executives and companies can use new ideas and tools to increase awareness and understanding of their surroundings.  1
Benefits Realization Management: A Practice Guide New The concept of portfolios, programs, and projects delivering value through benefits realization management (BRM) can be traced back to the logical framework approach developed in 1969. This book offers practitioners an aggregation of current BRM concepts and approaches for engaging BRM effectively.  It provides guidance on BRM practices within organizations that use portfolios, programs, and projects. 1


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