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Keynote Speaker Gary A. Bolles


Keynote Speaker Gary A. Bolles


MarcusTopic: Can We Finally Say Goodbye to the Old Rules of Work?

Domain: People


Let's take author Carol Dweck's framing from her seminal book Mindset , and let's say that the Old Rules of Work were highly-aligned with a "fixed" mindset. Work was work. You did your job, you got paid, you fed your family and put a roof over their heads. Show up, do your best, go home and think about something else.    There is nothing wrong with that mindset. But in a world of exponential change (such as the Great Reset), a fixed mindset for many is no longer sufficient to help ensure that there will always be access to meaningful, well-paid work.    And, let's face it, a lot of those Old Rules of Work were pretty dehumanizing. Traditional jobs and management approaches can inevitably lead toward mechanizing work. And mind-numbing commutes and endless meetings can sap the life from anyone's work.    With the shift toward more distributed work, and work that is more problem-centric and project-centric, we finally have the opportunity to make work much more human-centric.    Of course, there were some Old Rules that we should keep. Work can provide dignity, identity, and meaning - even if that meaning was simply caring for your family. But these are all aspects of creating more human-centric work - so of course they must be part of the Next Rules.

About Gary A Bolles

Author, "The Next Rules of Work"; 

Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University; 

Global Speaker; 

1 million LinkedIn Learning learners; 

Partner, Charrette LLC; 


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