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Keynote Speaker Marcus Parker


Keynote Speaker Marcus Parker

MarcusTopic: Core Values

Domain: Leadership

Core Values Abstract

Project management professionals have been forced to pivot following the emergence of the Coronavirus disease in December 2019 and the declaration of it as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. Many firms were forced to pivot to virtual delivery mechanisms essentially overnight. The escalation of conflict in Ukraine that began on February 23, 2022, has forced over 3 million people to flee to neighboring countries in a crisis that’s intensifying daily, with casualties and displacement growing.

These are two of the most significant humanitarian crises that have placed extreme pressure on the global supply chain causing firms to pivot yet again.

Core Values is a presentation that is needed now more than ever as Program and Project Managers are faced with leading their organizations through these challenging times which are influencing everyone in the organization.

The best leaders rely on their core values to triumph during times of crisis; their core value serves as a guiding light to those they lead to success.

Based on 20+ of leadership experience, Mr. Parker will share his core values and offer them a starting point for emerging and experienced leaders alike.

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