PMI Silver Spring Chapter

Symposium Videos

PMISSC Symposium Videos

2020 Chapter Symposium

Innovation Fueling Resilience and Return Keynote with Karen Britton

Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder with Steve Bonk

Business Agility – Pivot or Perish with Richard Cheng

Starting a PMO and Changing Culture with Chris Gonzalez

Servant Leadership Keynote with David Newman and Lisa Hammer

First Aid for Project Management Ailments: The ABC’s of Bypassing Resistance and Getting Your PM Practices Accepted with Douglas BrownSymposium Afternoon Session 1 Video (Coming Soon)

The Importance of Empathy in Transformation with Karin Jones

Apply Sustainability Concepts In Your Projects for Massive Success with Elaine Jackson

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2020 Symposium Agenda

Welcome by Marcus Parker

Symposium Promotional Videos

Symposium Promotional Videos

Sponsor Video: UMD PM Center for Excellence

Sponsor Video: Morgan State University (Graves School)